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About Lyon Farm

The Lyon Farm is the home of, and also the pride and joy of the Kendall County Historical Society. In 1974, Mrs. Frances Lyon donated 39 acres of her farm to serve as a home for the society and its artifacts. A large bequest by Mrs. Mae Dunbar along with the support and contributions of the many members and friends of the society have made it possible to restore many of the old farm buildings to their original outward appearance, and to establish display areas within.
There are several buildings of historical interest that have been moved to the farm, and are displayed on turn of the century Dunbar Lane. The Oswego House, a two story frame house, the one room Union School from Na-Au-Say Township, Corrigan Brother's General Store and post office from Plattville, the C. B. & Q (Chicago, Burlington & Quincy) Railroad Depot from Plano, the old Yorkville City Hall (also known as the Bristol-Kendall Fire Department Firehouse, and many more interesting buildings and artifacts may be found there.
A trip to the Lyon Farm is fun for the whole family. The Lyon Farm is located east of Yorkville, Illinois on Illinois Route 71 between Yorkville and Oswego, and highway signs direct visitors to the site. Each year the Kendall County Historical Society holds special events at the Lyon Farm which draw visitors from all over. The farm is only open to the public during these special events, but if you are interested in using the farm on other dates please contact us for more information.

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